Advantages of stabilized moss

  • Maintenance-free - Does not require irrigation, daylight or any other type of care, all thanks to stabilization
  • Repels dirt - Dust particles are lost through a continuous process of receiving and releasing moisture
  • Humidity indicator - Mach becomes drier if the humidity drops below 40% and regains its flexibility above 40%
  • Sound absorption - Absorbs twice as much sound as similar industrially designed products
  • Hypo-allergenic - Does not contain any common allergens
  • Natural - Hand-picked ecologically with respect for the environment

Types of moss

Ball moss

It grows in Scandinavian forests. It has a unique texture that gives every green wall a perfect 3D effect. Each piece of moss represents hand-picked spherical plants from the highest quality forests, which bring fresh and green forest life into your space.

Flat moss

It usually grows on tree trunks, crossbars, walls, stones and other surfaces. It is usually small or medium, about 2-7 cm long. It combines perfectly with all other species of mosses and plants. Used as a base for any green walls or paintings.

Lichen moss

It grows in the forests of northern Europe, where it grows almost every surface. Thanks to its unique shape, diverse colors and acoustic properties, there are a huge number of possibilities for its use in design. It is a symbol of modern, ecological thinking. It is available in many colors.

Provence moss

It grows in the French forests. It is very similar to ball moss but has a unique structure, very pleasant to the touch. It completes the perfect 3D effect on each side. Each piece is hand-picked and of the highest quality directly from the forests, which bring freshness and greenery of the forest to your space.

Each moss is stabilized after harvesting from nature and the necessary water is replaced in it. This makes it completely maintenance-free.

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Our products 


We send moss images from 5 to 20 working days after receiving the order.

The time of sending the order depends on the number and size of the ordered pieces of moss decorations. 

Don't judge the book by its packaging - We pack our products ecologically in used boxes to protect the environment.